Monday, February 28, 2011

Am I neglecting the rights of Allaah?

Q: Am I negligent because I spend most of my time cleaning the house, cooking 3 meals a day, teaching the children, alhamdulillaah I pray my prayers at the appointed time, and memorize from the Qur'aan what I am able to, and listen to lectures, am I neglecting the rights of Allaah?

 By fulfilling the responsibilities of the children and the husband - this is Jihaad in the path of Allaah Subhanuhu wa ta'aala, but you must do it seeking the reward from Allaah subhanuhu wa ta'aala.

Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah presented lecture "Advice to the Women w/Q&A - Shaykh Maahir Al-Qahtaani Hafidhahullaahu ta'aala - 02/09/2011"

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