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Fataawa of the Ulamaah Concerning Demonstrations and Protests

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Fataawa of the Ulamaah Concerning Demonstrations and Protests
All praises are for Allah and may His peace and salutations be on His final prophet and messenger Muhammad, his family and companions and those who follow them in goodness until the last day.

Due to what many are witnessing today in the media and in the broadcasts regarding the issues unfolding in Egypt and other than that in the Islamic world, we wanted to bring some of the statements of the scholars regarding the affairs of protests and demonstrations so that the Muslim can be upon clarity in regards to these matters, and Allah is the owner of success.

1. Fatwa of al-Allaamah al Imaam Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz – May Allah have mercy on him:

Q: Is demonstrations and the staging of sit-ins from Jihaad?

A: No, this is an error, this is an error. This is fitnah and this is evil and is not okay.

Q: Are protests and demonstrations by men and women against the rulers and authorities considered to be from the means of Da’wah?

A: I do not see that demonstrations by men and women are from the solutions rather I see that they are from the reasons of fitnah and the reasons of evil and from the reasons of oppressing some people and transgressing upon people without right.  However, the legislated means (of rectifying) is through writing, giving advice, calling to good through the legislated means, which were treaded by the companions of the prophet (salla allahu alayhi wa sallam) and those who follow them in goodness and which are treaded by the people of knowledge. By writing and talking with the Muftee , the Amir or the Sultaan, and by calling him, advising him, and writing to him. Without making these things known upon the pulpit and other than that by (saying) he is this or that and he did this or that, and Allah’s help is sought.

Taken from the tape: “Fataawa al Ulamah Fil Igtiyaalaat Wat Tafjeeraat

2. Fatwa of al Allaamah Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al Uthaymeen:

“ That which is upon us is to advise as far as we are able. As for showing opposition and protests in the open, then this is in opposition to what the Salaf were upon. And you have come to know that these things do not have any relation to the Islamic legislation nor does it have any relation to rectifying affairs, they only cause harm.  The Khaleefah Al Ma’moon killed the scholars who did not say the Qur’aan was created. He killed many of the scholars and forced the people to say this false statement. However we did not hear that Imam Ahmad or other than him from the Imaams, that any one of them, ever held a demonstration or protest in a Masjid! And we did not hear that they used to spread his faults (the ruler) so that they can incite the people to have hatred and rancor and dislike for him.

And we do not support these demonstrations and protests and the likes. We do not aid them at all! And it is possible to rectify without them, however there is a must that there is some people from the inside or outside who secretly have their fingers in these matters and are trying to incite these affairs.

Taken from ‘Jareedatul Muslimoon’ issue (540) page 10.

3. Fatwa of al Allaamah ash Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan:

Q: Are protests and demonstrations from the means of Da’wah in order to solve problems and the calamities of the Islamic Ummah?

A:  Our religion is not a religion of chaos; our religion is a religion of discipline, order and tranquility. And demonstrations are not from the actions of the Muslims and the Muslims did not used to know anything about this. The religion of Islam is a religion which is calm and a religion of mercy, there is no chaos in it or disarray or no inciting fitnah. This is the religion of Islam. Furthermore,  rights can be obtained without this way, by therefore requesting them in lines with the Islamic legislation and by Islamic means. These demonstrations incite fitnah, the spilling of blood and the destruction of wealth, so these affairs are not permissible.

Taken from the tape “Fataawa al Ulamah Fil Igtiyaalaat Wat Tafjeeraat”

4. Fatwa of al Allaamah ash Shaykh Ubayd ibn Abdillah al Jaabiree

Q: Are demonstrations and assassinations in the Islamic countries or the disbelieving countries a means for rectification of the Islamic Ummah?

A: The person of  the Sunnah strives to correct a situation in accordance to the legislative text and from that is advising the ruler, calling to coming together and being one under his authority, and striving to return those people whose  hearts have fled from him back to loving him, and they command the good and forbid the evil, all in accordance to what the Islamic legislation necessitates. As for the people of innovation and desires, their only desire is to overturn the (good) of a situation and to demolish it. And this is the actions of the Khawaarij and the result is the spilling of blood, violation of the honor, stealing and robbery, making the paths frightening, the causing of chaos, the departure of safety and division.

So the Sunnah is Allah’s favor on His creation and the affair of the servants or the lands will never be rectified except with it. As Wahb ibn Kaysaan – May Allah have mercy on him- he never used to stand from his sitting until he said to his companions, from them being Imaam Maalik ( May Allah have mercy on him) and he was the one who narrated this from him: “ Know that the latter part of this affair will not be rectified except with that which rectified its beginning part”. Al Asbagh said to Imam Maalik: What does he intend by that? Maalik said: “He means the fundamentals of the religion or Taqwa”.
So this is one thing.

The second thing is regarding da’wah. The Da’wah of Ahlul Ssunnah wal Jama’ah and they are the salafees and they are the saved sect and the victorious group and the people of narration, their da’wah is based upon softness, gentleness, conducting affairs in a good manner, and using wisdom in giving da’wah in a way that is better. So demonstrations and assassinations is not of this sort, rather it is violence. And assassinations are from the way of the Khawaarij and the Sabaiyyah who came before them and others from the people of desires, rather it is from the actions of the Kuffaar.

Taken from the tape “Fataawa al Ulamah Fil Igtiyaalaat Wat Tafjeeraat

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