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The Salafi Woman Between Adherence, Negligence and Pretentious Claims - Part 3

The Salafi Woman Between Adherence, Negligence and Pretentious Claims  -  Part 3

By Shaykh Maahir Ibn Dhaafir Al-Qahtaanee

An exclusive translation for Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah
In face of the issues of the contemporary separation which has transpired in various groups and sects, then their position with unanimous agreement is that it is impermissible to follow a group or a sect who practice their religion in a way different to that of the companions.

(It is impermissible to follow them) whether it is the Sufis who are pleased to practice their religion upon other than the Book and the Sunnah, and if they return to them then they do so with an understanding contrary to that of the Salaf of this nation. And the (Sufis) have added to what is considered as the two sources of the religion for this nation (i.e. the Book and the Sunnah) things such as dreams, partisanship to a Shaykh and (what they claim) is inspiration.

Or the Raafidah who are pleased with their fabricated book (which is) a lie against the Sharee’ah and it is called Al-Kaafee. No authentic chain is known for this book but it is full of chains of narrations that have been concocted and invented. And Ibn Al-Mubaarak he said, “The chain of narration is from the religion. If there is no chain of narration then everyone would say what they desire.” So they have stated what they wished without any form of chain. So they lie, fabricate, transgress and have gone astray.

They declare the majority of the companions to be disbelievers and they accuse ‘Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) with that which Allah exonerated her from. There prayer is not valid ever, as they wipe the back of their feet and do not wash them.

To be continued insha'allaah...

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Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah